Black-Jack Grout Pumps

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Combo Package D

Combo Package D
Shown with standard hopper. See extended hopper below.

Package Includes

  • Black-Jack Full Auto Reciprocating Single Cylinder pump with 8 cubic foot hopper
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  • Hydraulic Power Unit w/ 9 HP Honda Engine
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  • Black-Jack/Hydro-Ace Custom Manual Push Cart
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  • 800 psi Grout Hose, 2" dia., 10 ft. section
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  • Handle & Nozzle Assembly w/ 1-1/2" injection nozzle, 2" hose adapter
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The Black-Jack can be used to pump grout at rates up to 300 cubic feet per hour (10 cubic yards per hour) (pumping pressure 50 to 1,000 psi).  The Black-Jack is small, measuring 44" long, 24" wide, and 16" high. It weighs an astonishing 125 pounds. It packs a bigger punch than any other competitor for a fraction of the cost.

The Blockage Reduction Piston allows us to pump 3/8" (and smaller) Aggregate.


D-160 - Economy

The D-160 - Economy includes the basic features of the standard D Package.

Specifications - up to 5 cubic yards per hour at 50-1000 psi.

Package includes

  • Black-Jack Manual Reciprocating single cylinder pump
  • Hydraulic Power Unit w/9 HP Honda Engine
  • 800 psi Grout Hose 2 inch dia. 10 foot section
  • Handle & Nozzle Assembly w/1-1/2 inch injection nozzle w/2 inch adapter
  • $ 4,995.00


D-Electric Package

Specifications - 5 gpm at up to 400 psi.

Package includes

  • 110VAC, 1 HP or 12 volt rechargable power unit
  • Manual reciprocating pump
  • Manual pushcart
  • 10 foot hose
  • Injection handle/nozzle)
  • $ 3,760.00


Extension Hopper

The extension hopper is standard on the full D-Package, and can be added as an option on other packages.

Black-Jack Extension Hopper
Total hopper capacity is 8 cubic feet
Black-Jack Extension Hopper
Removes easily for smaller jobs