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The Black-Jack Pump
Single-Cylinder, Full Auto Reciprocating+ Hopper Extension

Single -Cylinder Full-Auto Reciprocating Pump

$3,960-As low as ➜ $109/month

Combo Package D
Everything You Need
to Get Started

Combo Package D

$6,760-As low as ➜ $186/month

Combo Pack E
Full Auto Pump
Mixer Included

Package E-Full Auto Pump, Mixer Included

$9,835 - As low as ➜ $271/Month

Manual Single Pump
Valving & Hoses Sold Separately

Manual Single Pump

$1,995- As low as ➜ $55/Month

The Black-Jack Pump
Single Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating

Single Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating Pump

$3,495 - As low as ➜ 96/Month

Pump C - Double Cylinder
Auto Reciprocating Pump

Double Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating Pump

$8,600 - as low as ➜ $237/Month

Single-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

Single-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

$19,550 + S/H not including tool box Financing Available

Double-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

Double-axle Grout Pump Trailer

$19,995 + S/H
Financing Available

Truck Mounted Rack

Pier Foundation Grouting Package

Pier Foundation Grouting Package

$4,995-As Low As $137/Month➜Financing

Four-Port Diffuser

Four-Port Diffuser Pier Foundation Grouting


Eight-Port Diffuser

Eight-Port Difusser Pier Foundation Grouting


Hydro-Ace Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydro-Ace Hydraulic Power Unit

Mortar Mixer

Grout Mixer

6 Cubic Foot Hopper Extension

About Black-Jack Grout Pumps, Inc.

Perry Hochkammer founded Engineered Concrete Lifting, Inc. in 1982. Since then, he has become a developer and distributor of grout, mud, and concrete pumping equipment at Black-Jack Grout Pumps, Inc. His latest product offering is the Black-Jack All-in-one Grout pump/mud pump/concrete pump. Black-Jack Grout Pumps, Inc. is staffed with more than 50 years of combined experience, including engineers and technical consultants to answer your operational and grout mix questions.

What is SlabJacking?

Slabjacking is defined as "grout pumped under pressure through injection holes (usually 1.5 inch diameter) to raise faulty or sunken concrete". Other spellings are slabjack or slab jack.

The process begins by drilling holes, then void filling the entire sub-grade, raising the concrete to it’s original elevation. Using a Black-Jack Grout Pump, our exclusive non-shrink cement grout is pumped under the sunken concrete at the rate of 1 cubic foot per minute. After the lifting is complete, the area is cleaned of excess drill tailings and grout, then the holes are re-cemented with our custom color matching system. Most work can be completed in less than 4 hours.

Why Should I Use Slabjacking?

  • Raise concrete at ¼ the cost of replacement
  • Stabilize the sub-soil
  • Strengthens the slab
  • Eliminates erosion
  • Done in less time than replacement

Although Slabjacking or Concrete Lifting are the preferred terms for concrete repair or to raise concrete, mudjacking and mudpumping, are terms commonly used in our industry.

Poor long-term results occur when mud or topsoil are mixed with sand and water and injected under the sidewalk, driveway, or any concrete pavement. Test studies prove this organic, mud blend breaks down in less than 1 year causing re-sinking of the concrete pavement.

Black-Jack Grout Pumps Inc. continues to develop and test the most advanced, easy-to-use pumps on the market today. Our Black-Jack grout pumps are used for any type of pressure grouting. Although grouting is the primary use, the Black-Jack can be used as an epoxy pump specializing in polyurethane injection.

sidewalk uneven, heaved
Before, the sidewalk  is uneven & dangerous.
repaired sidewalk
After repair, the sidewalk is smooth and even.
sidewalk uneven, heaved
Before, the sidewalk  has collapsed.
repaired sidewalk
After repair, the sidewalk is level and safe.