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Black Jack Grout Pumps are 100% More Versatile than any other Grout Pump System on the World-Wide Market

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The Black-Jack Pump
Single-Cylinder, Full Auto Reciprocating+ Hopper Extension

Single -Cylinder Full-Auto Reciprocating Pump

$3,960-As low as ➜ $109/month

Combo Package D
Everything You Need
to Get Started

Combo Package D

$6,760-As low as ➜ $186/month

Combo Pack E
Full Auto Pump
Mixer Included

Package E-Full Auto Pump, Mixer Included

$9,835 - As low as ➜ $271/Month

Manual Single Pump
Valving & Hoses Sold Separately

Manual Single Pump

$1,995- As low as ➜ $55/Month

The Black-Jack Pump
Single Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating

Single Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating Pump

$3,495 - As low as ➜ 96/Month

Pump C - Double Cylinder
Auto Reciprocating Pump

Double Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating Pump

$8,600 - as low as ➜ $237/Month

Single-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

Single-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

$19,550 + S/H not including tool box Financing Available

Double-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

Double-axle Grout Pump Trailer

$19,995 + S/H
Financing Available

Truck Mounted Rack

Pier Foundation Grouting Package

Pier Foundation Grouting Package

$4,995-As Low As $137/Month➜Financing

Four-Port Diffuser

Four-Port Diffuser Pier Foundation Grouting


Eight-Port Diffuser

Eight-Port Difusser Pier Foundation Grouting


Hydro-Ace Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydro-Ace Hydraulic Power Unit

Mortar Mixer

Grout Mixer

6 Cubic Foot Hopper Extension


Kurt Lybbert, Precision Concrete Lifting, A satisfied customer
Point Beach Nuclear Facility Chose Black-Jack Grout Pumps

Thank you for taking the time to provide us that great training. I am starting my own mudjacking business from scratch with limited knowledge. Your class helped me from the first steps to the final steps of the mudjacking process. I appreciated the knowledge you shared with me in regards to marketing my business. You provided us with all we would need to be successful in the field. You started with tools of the trade, went through the internal components of my pump, what parts to have on hand for repairs in the field if needed, how to mix the concrete and what to look for in the cement, ad mixtures, where to drill the holes, and how to finish the job. It was a great all around training session that enables me to go out and be successful in the field. Also with the training I now have a consultant in you Perry if needed.
Thanks again
Brian Christianson

Thank you Perry for taking your time to answer my questions and for helping me to understand the mud jacking process, equipment and products. You are more than willing to help me even though I did not buy my equipment from you initially. After talking with you I would refer anyone to Blackjack grout pumps and will purchase equipment in the future from you. Thank you for helping me hone my skills and feel more confident in this business.
Thanks again,
Shawn Wallace, Owner
Dallas Concrete Raising

You engineered our product as well as you engineered the design of your Black-Jack Grout Pump. The pump did exactly what you said it would do!
D. Romlein
Potsdam, New York

Yours is a company that is willing to help people even after the sale of the product.
T. Eldred
Saratoga Springs, Utah

Your Black-Jack Grout Pump came through after another company and their pump failed to do the job.
D. St. Cyr
Roscoe, Illinois

I am pleased with my overall experience with Black-Jack Grout Pumps. When I first went into this business, I was concerned about the initial investment. Then I discovered Black-Jack. I was surprised to find what turned out to be a quality product at a fair price. They were helpful and patient with me as I wrestled with the decision to purchase. After I did place an order, they continued to be supportive. Now that I have the equipment and am operating a successful business, I continue to enjoy their support and their willingness to stand behind their product.
Dan Arp
East Tennessee Concrete Lifting

I want to thank you for all of your help! Feel free to use any of part of this e-mail as a reference, also if anybody would like to call and speak with me I am willing to give you rave reviews. You have been much more than an equipment supplier, I thought your offer of having me come in for training was outstanding, I had no idea that your services extended far beyond that. I have called you to get advertising ideas, consulting on new situations and sometimes just to let you know how things are going. You have become a consultant, supplier, support, sounding board and a friend. Thank you for your help, things are going wild and I am feeling great!
Curt Lybbert
Precision Concrete Leveling
801 577 1871