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Single-Cylinder, Full Automatic Reciprocating Pump with Hopper Extension

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Single-Cylinder, Full-Auto Reciprocating Pump with Hopper Extension

The Black-Jack Pump can be used to pump grout at rates up to 300 cubic feet per hour (10 cubic yards per hour) pumping pressure 50 to 900 psi.

These units can be powered by any external hydraulic power as a skid-steer attachment, or a self-contained power unit.  Attach it to any skid-steer with our Skid-Steer Attachment, or by using a plate or forks.

The Black-Jack is small, measuring 44" long 24" wide and only 16" high, and weighs an astonishing 125 pounds.

The Blockage Reduction Piston allows us to pump up to 3/8" aggregate.

It packs a bigger punch than any other competitor for a fraction of the cost.

$3,960 - As Low As $96/Month ➜ Financing

single pump on skid steerAttaches to Skid-Steer to move from site to site.
single pump with hopper extension being removes

Hopper Extension easily removed for changing capacity needs.