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Black Jack Grout Pumps are 100% More Versatile than any other Grout Pump System on the World-Wide Market

We "Deal-You-In" to all the Info and Training You Need

The Black-Jack Pump
Single-Cylinder, Full Auto Reciprocating+ Hopper Extension

Single -Cylinder Full-Auto Reciprocating Pump

$3,960-As low as ➜ $109/month

Combo Package D
Everything You Need
to Get Started

Combo Package D

$6,760-As low as ➜ $186/month

Combo Pack E
Full Auto Pump
Mixer Included

Package E-Full Auto Pump, Mixer Included

$9,835 - As low as ➜ $271/Month

Manual Single Pump
Valving & Hoses Sold Separately

Manual Single Pump

$1,995- As low as ➜ $55/Month

The Black-Jack Pump
Single Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating

Single Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating Pump

$3,495 - As low as ➜ 96/Month

Pump C - Double Cylinder
Auto Reciprocating Pump

Double Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating Pump

$8,600 - as low as ➜ $237/Month

Single-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

Single-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

$19,550 + S/H not including tool box Financing Available

Double-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

Double-axle Grout Pump Trailer

$19,995 + S/H
Financing Available

Truck Mounted Rack

Pier Foundation Grouting Package

Pier Foundation Grouting Package

$4,995-As Low As $137/Month➜Financing

Four-Port Diffuser

Four-Port Diffuser Pier Foundation Grouting


Eight-Port Diffuser

Eight-Port Difusser Pier Foundation Grouting


Hydro-Ace Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydro-Ace Hydraulic Power Unit

Mortar Mixer

Grout Mixer

6 Cubic Foot Hopper Extension

Our Service and Support Options are Second to None

We have several options to support you. Pick those that are best for you.

  • Email
  • Phone Support
  • Eyes-On-Site
  • Slabjacking Courses
  • Consulting
  • Machine Shop Services


Our office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST, Monday through Friday. Your questions/requests are answered by our trained staff. If you need further assistance, we'll get you in touch with the company owner, who designed our products and who has over 30 years of field experience. Complete the Contact Form or simply Email directly.

Phone Perry

You can directly phone Perry Hochkammer, the company owner/product designer, at (800) 834-2566. He can answer all your questions, from how to start your business, how to use our products, all the way through mixture designs.

Slabjacking* Course and Certification

We offer a complete slabjacking course, expert testimony, specialized equipment, and consulting. Training is provided by our certified instructor Dave McCallen.

Slabjacking Course

  • $595 with purchase of equipment
  • $1,295 without purchase of equipment

The entire course has been designed for the hands-on approach. It is our goal to have all technicians completely understand the basics of slabjacking so they can embark on a long and profitable career in the field.

- Phase one consists of technical data. Theories, equipment, materials, examples of sunken concrete.

- Phase two consists of the operation of equipment, properties, and placement of grout.


Eye-on-site picture

This is a fantastic support option! We use Skype and your Skype-enabled device to actually get a look at your job site and its requirements. The service is FREE for customers in an emergency situation who have purchased equipment from us. Contact us for reasonable service charges for all other uses.

$500 Voucher valued at $3,500 or more.

Full Certification $495.

Consultation and Expert Testimony

Training/Consultant- $150.00 (USD) per hour.



Full Machine Shop for all your rebuilding and assembly needs.


*Although the terms "mudjacking" and "mud jacking" are still used, mud is not the preferred material for this process.