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Hydro-Ace HPU- $3,069.00

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Hydro-Ace w/9 HP Honda Engine

Comes complete with 6-foot hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic Power Unit

If you need a hydraulic auxiliary power source, look no farther than the units offered by Black-Jack Grout Pumps, Inc.  These versatile units can power all of your hydraulic devices.

Finally a Portable Hydraulic Power Unit Designed and priced for all your hydraulic needs.  Our company has used hydraulic power for the past 25 years with exposure to extremely harsh construction environment.


  • 9 HP rugged gas engine. (custom build for rugged environments.)

  • up to 10 gallons per minute hydraulic pump (made in U.S.A.)

  • 2500 pounds of pressure

  • 12 gallon hydraulic reservoir

  • Oil Filter

  • Standard Quick Couplers

  • Directional Control Valve w/Detent

  • Push Cart or Push Cart w/lifting attachment (Optional)

Use it for:

  • Construction- Saws

  • Drills

  • Post Hole Diggers

  • Water Pumps

  • Well Drilling

  • Emergency Equipment- Jaws of Life


  • Cut-Off Saws

  • Pumps

  • Agriculture- Grain Augers

  • Conveyors

  • Dump Wagons

  • Screeners (free-up tractor for multiple uses)


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