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Black Jack Grout Pumps are 100% More Versatile than any other Grout Pump System on the World-Wide Market

Why Gamble On Anyone Else?

Single-Cylinder, Full Auto Reciprocating Pump with Hopper Extension

Single -Cylinder Full-Auto Reciprocating Pump

$3,960-As low as $109/month

Combo Package D
Everything You Need
to Get Started

Combo Package D

$6,760-As low as $186/month

Combo Pack E
Full Auto Pump,
Mixer Included

Package E-Full Auto Pump, Mixer Included

$9,835 - As low as $271/Month

Manual Single Pump
Valving & Hoses Sold Separately

Manual Single Pump

$1995 - As low as ➜ $55/Month

The Black-Jack Pump
Single Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating

Single Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating Pump

$3,495 - As low as ➜ 96/Month

Pump C - Double Cylinder
Auto Reciprocating Pump

Double Cylinder Full Auto Reciprocating Pump

$8,600 - as low as ➜ $237/Month

Single-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

Single-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

$19,550 + S/H
Financing Available

Double-Axle Grout Pump Trailer

Double-axle Grout Pump Trailer

$19,995 + S/H
Financing Available

Truck Mounted Rack

Truck Mounted Rack for Grout Pump

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Single Injection Port

Pier Foundation Grouting Package

$4,995-As Low As $137/Month➜Financing

Four-Port Diffuser

Four-Port Diffuser Pier Foundation Grouting


Eight-Port Diffuser

Eight-Port Difusser Pier Foundation Grouting


Hydro-Ace Hydraulic Power Unit

Grout Mixer

6 Cubic Foot Hopper Extension

Foundation Pier Repair

Returns Foundations & Footings to 100% Load-Bearing Status

The ONLY provider of equipment and a mixture that meets or exceeds the MANDATORY International Building Code (IBC) and state regulatory compliance for stage two of the pier lifting repair process.

Pier Foundation Grouting Scene
Perry Hockhammer


Service and Training

We offer a complete slabjacking course, expert testimony, specialized equipment and consulting. Training is provided by our certified instructor.

Uses for Black-Jack Grout Pumps, Packages and Accessories

Men using Black-Jack to fill concrete wall
Superb for Concrete Block Filling . . .
men using black-jack to repair bridge
Bridge Approach Repair . . .
Men using Black-Jack on trailer to repair sidewalk
Sidewalk Repair . . .
Men using black-Jack on skid-steer to repair sidewalk
Easily Transportable with Your Bobcat
skull and Crossbones

Know the Dangers of Using Polyurethane Foam

Thinking of using polyurethane foam as a substitute for Portland Cement. If so read these reports and watch our video demonstrating the dangerous effects.

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