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Reasons why you shouldn't use polyurethane foam to raise concrete


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Block Fill

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Sidewalk Slab-jacking Repair

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Bridge Approach Slab-jacking Repair

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Black-Jack Grout Pumps are 100% more versatile than any other grout pump system on the world-wide market! No one but Black-Jack Grout Pumps offers FREE TRAINING & PROJECT CONSULTING/MIX DESIGNS through our EYES ON SITE PROGRAM as long as you own your system. We offer seasonal hands-on training classes in Rockford, IL, and qualified instructors for your projects (fees apply).

Our Most Popular Pumps/Mixer Combinations

These are the heart of all of our grout pump/mixer combination systems, our single-cylinder, full-automatic reciprocating pumps, capable of delivering up to 12 cubic yards per hour at 50 to 900 PSI. These units can be powered by any external hydraulic power as a skid-steer attachment, or self-contained power unit. All grout pumps and mixer systems can be attached to any skid-steer by our Skid-Steer Attachment, or by using a plate or forks.

Pump and Mixer
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$3,495.00From $8,495 to $11,995.00

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The D-package contains everything needed to get started. Built around the B-pump, it can be powered by hydraulic or electric power. Our standard power source is a 9 HP Honda gasoline engine capable of delivering up to 10 cubic yards per hour at 50 to 900 PSI, when using proper procedures and grout mix designs. A 10 foot grout hose, injection handle, and manual push cart are included,



Combo Packages

Packages Start $4,760.00 to $6,760.00

Individual Pumps

D Package — $6,760.00

D Economy Package — $4,995.00

D Electric Package — $4,760.00

D Deluxe Package
Motorized Cart

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D Combo Package

A Manual Reciprocating Single Cylinder
w/o valving or hoses — $1,995.00

w/ valving and hoses — $3,495.00
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B Full Auto Reciprocating Single Cylinder — $3,495.00
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B-EH Full Auto Reciprocating Single Cylinder — $3,960.00
With extension hopper
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Single Pump - Manual

Single Pump

Single Pump

E Package — $9,835.00
Full Auto Pump
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E-EH Package — $10,500.00
Full Auto Pump
With extension hopper
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Combo Package E

E Combo Package

C Full Auto Reciprocating Double Cylinder — $8,600.00
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Black-Jack on skidsteer (not included)

Available Accessories




  • Custom Push Carts
    • Standard Manual
    • Standard with Lift Attachment
    • Dual non-flat All Terrain wheel kit



Trailer Package

The single-axle trailer unit includes $900.00 extras plus extension hopper & lifting attachment. Price is $19,550.00 not including tool box, plus shipping and handling.

Trailer Package
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Truck Mounted Rack

We now offer an alternative to a trailer mounted unit. Our truck mounted rack allows you to carry your equipment right on your primary vehicle. Just roll it off the rack and you're ready to work!

Truck Mounted Rack

      Extension Hopper
  Portable Grout Pump Cart  Crane Lifting Attachment   
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danger signvideo on flamability of foamKnow the Dangers of Using Polyurethane Foam

Are you thinking about using polyurethane foam as a substitute for Portland Cement?
If so, read this report
on the dangerous effects of using polyurethane foam. Also watch our video demonstrating the flammability of polyurethane foam.

Read an article on (Denver, CO) that warns about the alleged dangers of polyurethane concrete raising.

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          • Grout Pump Pressure
          • Grout Pump Discharge/Cubic Yards per Hour
          • Quality (we're American made)
          • Service

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Our grout pump revolutionizes grout loading and discharging by 50% over our competitors' piston pumps!

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