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Four Port Diffuser


  • Use the Four-Port Diffuser for one side wall exposure

Black-Jack Grout Pumps is the ONLY provider of equipment and a mixture that meets or exceeds the MANDATORY International Building Code (IBC) & state regulatory compliance for stage two of the pier lifting repair process.

Our process and equipment returns foundations and footings to 100% load-bearing status

In accordance with IBC Chapter 18 Soils & Foundations Section 1803.5.7, lifting any type of pier alters compliance, from load-bearing to point-load. After foundations and footings are lifted in the stage one pier lifting process, stage two MUST be completed to remain IBC compliant per “Soils & Foundations 1809.2-1804.5-1804.6”.

As an effective means to mitigate the detrimental effects of the “underpin” pier concentrated loading on the existing continuous wall foundations, I would recommend the application and installation of pressure compaction grouting. The stage 2 pressure grouting should be installed into any void spaces created by the vertical lift of the building walls and interior floor slab areas. It is recommended that a well-designed, previously tested and flowable, high-strength proprietary grout be used and distributed through a set of transfer tubing, which can be permanently left in place for the possibility of future use… The undersigned endorses the developmental grout design work…the existing compaction grouting equipment…and the grout application and distribution method of Black-Jack Grout Pumps Company.

Ronald A. Hanson
Mo. P.E. Structural Engineer #E-13794